The World Really Is So Much Bigger Than Us

I have a six-year-old. The most curious creature I have ever known. It would seem that, for all my experiences, of all the places I have been, I haven’t really learned enough to quench his curiosity. His extraordinary curiosity keeps my passion for learning pumping.

I’m a trained magazine writer, and one of the perks of this sort of profession is that it requires a consideration of our world, of culture, of people, from several perspectives. But, for all the writing that I do, I rarely have the drive to record our most personal moments. I considered a daily log but concluded that helps no one. Writing is a measure of documenting thought, and perhaps over the next few decades, this exercise, and the insights they deliver, may come in handy for my boys.

And that’s why we began our quest to explore the world vicariously. The parameters are simple. Every week, my little guy picks a country from his National Geographic World Atlas. His job is to learn as much as he can about the country—history, language, art, culture, customs—and mine is to cook him a typical meal from the country.

My objective, finally, is to help him see that any experience gleaned from any interaction, big and small,  is noteworthy. The name of the site evolved from a related hashtag, #thisisakeeper, that I found myself using in my frequent posts on social media. My little guy agrees that it’s completely appropriate here.

So, my sweet potato, if you are reading this any amount of years from today, I want you to remember that you can add to this chronicle of our experiences. You can modify them. You can highlight them. Just don’t delete them. #ThisIsaKeeper for darn sure.

Photo: Looking out at Glacier Gray, in Torres del Paine National Park, in Chile. At the very moment I realized just how much bigger the world is than we’ll ever understand. 


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